Travel photography by Ephraim Muller

Into Havana

Ephraim Muller is an amateur travel photographer living in London. His travel photography captures the essence and the atmosphere of the locations he visits. He shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II and processes his images in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

“I began shooting black and white film on an old entry level Pentax MZ50 when I lived in Cape Town. After moving to London in 2003 the desire and love for the medium grew exponentially. The quest to improve my skills and eye is an endless endeavour and the dream is to one day hang up my city suit for a steady stream of travel assignments.” – Ephraim Muller

Magic Hour Skateboarder

Into Havana


Cigar Lady

Car and Sunset

Alaskan Barber

You can view more of Ephraim’s photography on Flickr or 500px


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