In pictures: 30 stunning cityscapes and skylines

    | Inspire | 26/04/2012 13:00pm

    City skylines are at their most photogenic when they are set against the backdrop of dramatic skies; think dark clouds and dramatic sunsets/sunrises. This often makes dawn or dusk the best times to capture the most dramatic lighting for your cityscape.

    Light trails are also popular in cityscape photography (check out our tips to getting the perfect exposure for light trails) to portray the busy flow of traffic and adds an interesting element to the shot.

    Here we’ve featured 32 stunning photographs of cityscapes and skylines to inspire you. We’d also recommend a visit the photographers’ portfolios for some more fantastic photography!

    Urban Flow © Danny Seidman – Seattle

    Triangulation © Daniel Cheong – Dubai

    The Junction © Kevin Gu – Shanghai

    Sky is the Limit © Yosuke Kobayashi – New York City

    Paris at Dusk © Richard Pardon – Paris

    The View © Tristan Le Blevennec – Dubai

    Sailing at Night © Jens Fersterra – Hong Kong

    Cloudy Sky in Tokyo #3 © Mitsu Miya – Tokyo

    Ocean Heights © Sebastian Optiz – Dubai

    NYC Downtown © Nina Papiorek – New York City

    New Horizon © Aimish Boy – Tel Aviv

    Morning View © Michael Lanzetta – Detroit

    Lass die sonne rein © Jens Fersterra – Berlin

    Cloud City © Sebastian Opitz – Dubai

    Lake Michigan Bolts © Chris Allen – Chicago

    Kuala Lumpur at Dusk © FM 2012 – Kuala Lumpur

    Havana © Social Butterfly – Havana

    Good Morning Jakarta © Hengki Koentjoro – Jakarta

    Golden City © Jinna van Ringen – Paris

    Futebol de Praia © Isac Goulart – Rio de Janeiro

    Fishing the City © AJ Fotografia – Abu Dhabi

    Dubai. Aerial. One © Johannes Heuckeroth – Dubai

    World of Lights © Johannes Heuckeroth – Dubai

    Detroit © Jon DeBoer – Detroit

    Dark City © Navid Baraty – New York City

    Cloud Gate II © Isac Goulart – Chicago

    City Lights © Patrick Smith – San Francisco

    Chicago Cityscape © Joerg Piechotka – Chicago

    Boston at Sunrise © Rich Williams – Boston

    Balmoral Hotel Clock Tower, Edinburgh Princes Street © Daniel Peckham – Edinburgh

    After Typhoon © Coolbiere A – Hong Kong

    A View of Prague © Mike Hutch – Prague


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