Free wedding photography cheat sheet

Free wedding photography cheat sheet

Are you an aspiring wedding photographer? Or, rather, have you had the role of wedding photographer thrust upon you by desperate friends and family members? Don’t freak out. Help is here.

For the latest addition to our Photography Cheat Sheet series we’ve taken our best wedding photography tips and applied them to what we believe are four of the trickiest situations for shooting wedding photography.

Within our cheat sheet we’ve crafted a handy little flow chart to get you through four of the most challenging situations you will face as a wedding photographer: shooting the bride’s arrival, inside the church, photographing the bride and groom and, finally, getting a pleasing photo composition when taking pictures of family and friends.

Simply drag and drop this infographic below on to your desktop to save as a handy reference the next time you decide to try your hand at shooting wedding photography!

Alternatively, at the bottom of this page you can find links to hi-res versions of each of the four sections of this cheat sheet, which you can download and print.

Free wedding photography cheat sheet: drag and drop to download

Download Part 1 the hi-res version of this cheat sheet
Download Part 2 the hi-res version of this cheat sheet
Download Part 3 the hi-res version of this cheat sheet
Download Part 4 the hi-res version of this cheat sheet


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