Nikon shutter speed scales: a complete guide

Learn your Nikon DSLR's shutter speed scale: photography cheat sheet

With the announcement of the Nikon D3200 last week, you might be considering a new DSLR. In fact, you might be considering the D3200! With 24.2 megapixels, it certainly seems, on paper at least, like the ultimate beginners’ camera.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or stick with what you got, we thought we would break down one of the key elements of your Nikon DSLR: its shutter speed scale.

Did you know that most Nikon DSLRs offer a choice of shutter speed scales – one with 1/2-stop steps and the other with 1/3-stop steps?

In the latest infographic of our Photography Cheat Sheet series our friends at N-Photo have broken these out to try and show visually what each stop represents in terms of the amount of light reaching your sensor. Simply drag and drop this infographic on to your desktop to save as a handy reference!

What is shutter speed: free photography cheat sheet


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