In pictures: 30 great examples of insect macro photography

Ondrej Pakan, ET

Macro photography can open up a whole new world. The below photographs feature macro photography of insects; you might feel disgusted to look at them, you might cringe, but you might also see insects in a whole new light – close up they are fascinating, colourful, beautiful, and even cute!

If you’re looking for tips on photographing insects, read our post ‘8 things every insect photographer must know‘, and if you’re looking for macro photography tips, look no further than our post ‘How to set your autofocus for macro photography’.

I’m Coming © Ondrej Pakan

Shower © Lee Peiling

Incoming © Bob Jensen

Eyes Wide Open © Velian Jagev

RIP © Uda Dennie

Takeoff © Bob Jensen

The Katydid © Steve Passlow

Red Veined Darter © Martin Amm

Parasitoid Wasp’s Eye © Yousef Al Habshi

Moya © Magda Wasiczek

© Vitali Bolucevschi

Butterfly © Vincentius Ferdinand

Small, but Strong © Uda Dennie

Sympetrum sp © Thomas Valenta

Bull? © Ondrej Pakan

Wasp © Soheil Shahbazi

Tiny Wasp © Popumon Tih

We’re Friends © Popumon Tih

Morning Drops II © Peter Muranyi

Frozen © Tom Kruissink

Pozer © Ondrej Pakan

Hummingbird Hawk-Moth © Mark Johnson

Attack II © Ondrej Pakan

Machinery-Like © Kaz Watanabe

Orange Tip, Green Gaze © Erez Marom

Chrysopa Carnea © Dusan Beno

Newly Emerged Dragonfly © Johannes van Donge

ET © Ondrej Pakan

The Drummer © Erez Marom

Goodbye Kiss © Aimish Boy


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