Canon suspends 5D Mark III shipments

Canon DSLRs: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review

Canon DSLRs: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review

Canon UK has said that shipping of the 5D Mark III has temporarily stopped while it investigates problems with the top LCD causing exposure issues.

The fault has been widely reported online, and appears to show the exposure value changing as a result of the top LCD plate light being activated when shooting in very dark conditions (read our Canon 5D Mark III review).

Canon UK has admitted the fault, and issued the following statement, “Canon has identified that when the LCD top light is switched on in very dark situations, the displayed exposure value may change on the EOS 5D Mark III. Canon is now investigating the issue and will announce further details on the Canon support page in due course.

“Customer satisfaction remains Canon’s top priority and we would like to apologise to our EOS 5D Mark III customers for any inconvenience cause,” said the camera company in a statement.

The Canon 5D Mark III was announced in March, as an upgrade to the 5D Mark II. It features a 22.3 million pixel sensor, and retails for around £3,000 (see our video Canon 5D Mark III silent shooting mode vs Sleeping baby).

Canon has also experienced problems with its flagship model, the 1DX, causing its release date to be pushed back until June.

A Canon spokesperson told our sister site TechRadar that the manufacturer is unable to give an estimated date as to when investigations into the 5D Mark III issue would be completed and shipping would resume.


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