ND grad filters: what every photographer should know

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    How to position your ND grad filter

    It’s also worth remembering that the positioning of the graduated filter makes or breaks an image. When confronted with a straight horizon, what could be simpler? Yet grad lines are a common sight throughout the photographic world.

    ND Grad Filters: the wrong position on your digital camera

    Image copyright David Clapp

    The image on above shows how an ND8 hard-step grad has been pulled downwards too far; it’s also on an offset angle.

    ND Grad Filters: the right position on your digital camera

    Image copyright David Clapp

    However, this image directly above shows the correct positioning with the grad line pulled down just enough to stop a light band of sky from creeping in underneath.

    PAGE 1: How to use an ND Grad filter
    PAGE 2: How to position your ND Grad filter
    PAGE 3: ND Grad filters – know your densities


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