In pictures: 22 photos of rainy days

Rain on Fifth Avenue, Luke Bhothipiti

Do you put away your camera on rainy days thinking that there’s no chance of getting a good shot? Hopefully the below photographs capturing the beauty of rainy scenes will change your mind. Next time the clouds roll over and it starts raining, get out your camera and take advantage of the weather.

Read our tips on how to take great shots on rainy days.

Rain on Fifth Avenue © Luke Bhothipiti

Somewhere it is Raining © Sergey Serch

Wall of Rain © Julia Jewel

Why is it Raining © Michelle Schultz

Shake It © Gerry Van der Walt

Freshly Squeezed © Sarah Ann Wright

Sun with Rain © Anton Kuzmenkov

Under Rain © Владимир Мищик

The Storm and the Rose © Jorne de Bruin

Caught Out © Owen G

Tears of Rain © Polina Ponomarenko

Heavy Rain © Shikhei Goh

Thunderstorm in the Badlands © Kevin Aker

One Rainy Day in San Fransico © Maximo Gaia

Raining Clouds © Victor Koos

Raining at the Grand Canyon © Andrea Auf dem Brinke

Rain/Love/Life © John Counter

Rain Over Me © Domen Dolenc

Purple Rain © Marta G

Golden © Jorne de Bruin

Every End Begin © Beauty

Nowhere To Go © Kevin Aker


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