Digital Camera’s photo challenge: April showers


Each issue Digital Camera magazine runs a photo challenge. This month we’re challenging you to photograph April showers for your chance to win a Lowepro rucksack worth £150! We will also feature your photo in print in Digital Camera magazine.

Rain often deters photographers from venturing out into the countryside, but if you dress for the weather, and protect your equipment, you’ll likely find a trip out into the soaked landscape a rewarding experience.

You don’t have to literally shoot in a downpour to get winning images. You can artificially create the ‘rain’, as macro specialist Lyn Evans did for her seed head shot featured here, or you can shoot wet foliage after the showers subside.

Whatever you choose to photograph, we’re looking for fresh, uplifting images that really capture the essence of spring rain.

Photography tips for shooting in rain

  • Protect your camera and lens with a waterproof housing or a sealed plastic bag.
  • To limit your lens’ exposure to rain between shots, keep the lens cap and hood on or keep your camera level or pointing downwards. Dry the lens off each time you shoot.
  • Try to shoot from under cover so you can concentrate on getting the shot rather than worrying about you or your kit getting wet.
  • Pack a macro lens and keep scouring the ground for budding spring flowers. The small scale of raindrops and flowers make macro lenses an absolute must at this time of year.
  • Look out for interesting reflections created by wet surfaces or puddles in towns or cities.

The best rain photos tend to have dark, dramatic moody skies, or cloudless bright ones that allow the sunlight to illuminate the water drops. If you’re shooting in bright conditions, consider pointing the camera upwards and shooting into the sun using a wide aperture to blur the raindrops. Don’t forget to keep the lens under cover, however, with an umbrella held high.

Experiment with shutter speeds, setting a slow speed of around 1/30 sec to blur the falling rain, or a fast one of around 1/500 to freeze it.

Upload your entry to the ‘This Month’s Mission’ gallery in the forum on our website. Just click on ’This Month’s Mission – Issue 124: April Showers’, hit Upload and add your image/s. The three best shots will be selected on 2 May 2012 and printed in issue 126, which goes on sale 25 May 2012.

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