Nikon Tip: how to set your Graphic LCD display

Nikon Tip: how to set your Graphic LCD display

Nikon DSLR Tip: how to use your LCD graphic reminder

Here’s a Nikon DSLR tip you perhaps didn’t know… All Nikon DSLRs will show what aperture you’re using (‘F11’ or f/11 in the example above).

However, the Nikon D3000, Nikon D3100, D5000 and D5100 can also give you a graphical depiction of the aperture on their information displays.

If you’d like to see this, go to the Setup menu, select ‘Info display format’ and check Graphic. The diagram then shows roughly how wide the aperture is set and is a reminder that bigger numbers relate to small apertures.

For a more detailed explanation of what this Graphic reminder is showing you about your aperture, our infographic below explains some of the finer points of your lens. Simply drag and drop this graphic on to your desktop and save it for a handy reference!

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