In pictures: 26 beautiful bokeh photos


‘Bokeh’ is taken from the Japense word meaning ‘blur’ or ‘haze’. It refers to the aesthetic quality of a blur in photographs and has become a popular and desirable effect.

If you want to know how to create a bokeh in your photos, our tutorial, Make the Ultimate Bokeh Portrait, will teach you everything you need to know.

In the meantime, we’ve hand-picked 26 great examples of bokeh photography to inspire you.

Danielle - Taylor McCutchan

Danielle © Taylor McCutchan

The Cloud and the Bee - Alain Baumgarten

The Cloud and the Bee © Alain Baumgarten

Stalk - Lee Peiling

Stalk © Lee Peiling

Fairy Light - Bloas Meven

Fairy Light © Bloas Meven

Fumando Espera - Carlos Bull

Fumando Espera © Carlos Bull


Veronika © александр кульков

La Consetallation du Champignon - Bloas Meven

La Consetallation du Champignon © Bloas Meven

Where are you go - Suta Wijaya

Where are you go © Suta Wijaya

Sick Fearless Bastard - Crazy Ivory

Sick Fearless Bastard © Crazy Ivory

Snowy Street - Miles Storey

Snowy Street © Miles Storey

In the Red Forest - Anna Theodora

In the Red Forest © Anna Theodora

Life as it is - Sortvind

Life as it is © Sortvind

Fraicheur Matinale - Bloas Meven

Fraicheur Matinale © Bloas Meven

Sunday Coffee - Jozef Vaclavik

Sunday Coffee © Jozef Vaclavik

Tempus Vernum - Alexander Kuzmin

Tempus Vernum © Alexander Kuzmin

Swamp Life - Matt Estrada

Swamp Life © Matt Estrada

Prevalent - Caroline Zenker

Prevalent © Caroline Zenker

Proof - Cynthia Zulla

Proof © Cynthia Zulla

Fetiche - Roberuto

Fetiche © Roberuto

Night Bike Cowboys - Manuel Orero

Night Bike Cowboys © Manuel Orero

Melbourne 2009 - Zdravko Horvat

Melbourne 2009 © Zdravko Horvat

In Autumn all cats aren't grey - Romain Mattei

In Autumn all cats aren’t grey © Romain Mattei

Guillermo Carballa

© Guillermo Carballa

Eva Szombati

© Eva Szombati

Bokeh by the water - Shahriar Erfanian

Bokeh by the Water © Shahriar Erfanian

Natural Feelings - Sortvind

Natural Feelings © Sortvind

Feeling inspired to try out this effect yourself? Read our tutorial, Make the Ultimate Bokeh Portrait.


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