Is Ubi-Camera the world’s most handy camera?


Ubi-Camera is a unique concept camera from Japan’s Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences designed to allow people to use their fingers as the viewfinder, then compose the picture using gesture controls. For wide-angle shots, you hold the camera closer to your face, and move it further away to zoom in. Pushing down hard with your thumb activates the shutter.

Although taking photographs with the device could make you look a bit like a pretentious movie director, the idea behind Ubi-Camera is that it will enable people to take photos more intuitively while looking at the actual scene, which is an interesting concept.

At the moment the camera only works by connecting to a PC, but the team are aiming on getting Ubi-Camera to work outside the lab as a stand-alone product. Until then it probably shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine how to use the device!

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