In pictures: 30 fantastic forest photos

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    Photographing forests can leave many photographers stumped; dull lighting can often prove challenging, and as for deciding on the perfect composition it can often be difficult to see the wood for the trees.

    So if you’re struggling for inspiration on photographing forests, the images featured here are fantastic examples of just how creative you can be. Forget boring tree photos – shooting forests can yield some of the most versatile and creative results in landscape photography.

    Waking Morning © Dmitriy Alekseev

    Foggy Morning - Martin Rak

    Foggy Morning © Martin Rak

    © ’Eye Poetry

    More ghosts in the woods - Colin Campbell

    More Ghosts in the Woods © Colin Campbell

    Aspen Forest - Chad Galloway

    Aspen Forest © Chad Galloway

    Sleeping Forest

    Sleeping Forest © Иван Казаков

    The Forest Awakens © Dennis Fischer

    Red Tree Line - Rok Godec

    Red Tree Line © Rok Godec

    The Cloaking Woods © Lars van de Goor

    Sunlight - Hans Kruse

    Sunlight © Hans Kruse

    Nature 03 - Mihailo Radicevic

    Nature 03 © Mihailo Radicevic

    1567 - Peter Holme iii

    1567 © Peter Holme iii

    Silver - Brad Orr

    Silver © Brad Orr

    A Walk in the Woods - Ron Azevedo

    A Walk in the Woods © Ron Azevedo

    Sightings - Agneiszka Dargiel

    Sightings © Agneiszka Dargiel


    Miracle Forest © Michael-Muller

    Red Wood - Evgeni Dinev

    Red Wood © Evgeni Dinev

    Meet in a Dream - Toshikazu Miyazaki

    Meet in a Dream © Toshikazu Miyazaki

    In the Woods - Peter Hartono

    In the Woods © Peter Hartono

    Louisiana Plantation - Pompo Bresciani

    Louisiana Plantation © Pompo Bresciani

    Hoh - Zeb Andrews

    Hoh © Zeb Andrews

    Into the Woods - Bas Meelker

    Into the Woods © Bas Meelker

    Cynics are right nine times out of 10 - Marty Desilets

    Cynics are Right Nine Times Out of Ten © Marty Desilets

    Gordon Adler

    © Gordon Adler

    Highness - Alain Baumgarten

    Highness © Alain Baumgarten

    Heavenly Light - Ron Azevedo

    Heavenly Light © Ron Azevedo

    Dukes Pass Trossachs - David Mould

    Dukes Pass Trossachs © David Mould

    Falling into Winter - Agnieszka Dargiel

    Falling into Winter © Agnieszka Dargiel

    Enchanted Forest - Andreas Jones

    Enchanted Forest © Andreas Jones

    50,000 miles beneath my brain - Johny Blaze

    50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain © Johny Blaze



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