Rotary telephone + photo booth = Rotobooth


rotobooth‘Rotobooth’ is a unique photo booth that came about as a result of Photo Hack Day 2; an image-centric ‘hackathon’ event held in New York City.

Essentially a photo booth controlled by an embedded rotary telephone, Rotobooth can be used in two ways: dialling ‘0’ will take a photo and then automatically upload it to Flickr, whereas dialling your mobile number will take five photos and send the links to you via text message.

“The Rotobooth began as a class project to turn a New York City pay-phone into a photo booth.” says Mike, one of the creators of Rotobooth.  “Having never built a photo booth I had to start somewhere. Keeping with my inspiration, I built one to look like a pay-phone. The rotary dial was simply an elaboration of the metaphor. It makes the booth charming and very addictive. If you can make an interaction addictive, you’re onto something.”

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Source via The Next Web

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