In pictures: 28 great examples of still life photography

Dust - Vladimir Shipulin

In issue 123 of Digital Camera magazine we have asked you to submit your best still life photography photographs to our gallery for a chance to win a Lowepro rucksack worth £150/£235.  The three best photographs will be featured in issue 125. We’ve got full details and tips for this photo contest here.

To inspire you, we’ve found 31 great examples of still life photography.

If you need more inspiration, we interviewed still life photographer Linus Lohoff.

Bread & Tomato © Youcef Bendraou

The Egg, © Martin Cauchon

The Flaming Martini, © Andrew Vernon

© Noele L 

After the Walk… © Martin Zalba

The Wave, © Andrew Vernon

Vanitas with Globe, © Mark Burrows

Falling, © Joanna Jaskolska

Back in the USSR, © Mikel Arrizabalaga

Feline, © Robert Sulkin

Still Life, © Anatoly Che

Young Irish Setter, © Tanya Kozlovsky

Still Life, © Antonio Diaz

Splash II, © Shoayb Khattab

Blueberry Cupcake, © Saskia Etschmaier

Emerald Green, © Katsumi Oyamada

Black & White Geometry III, © Veniamin Skorodumov

Pescando, © Jeno

Memories of Childhood, © Lisa Gelts

Levitation, © Vladimir Shipulin

Sánchez Cotán (Spanish Golden Age) Antonio Diaz

Sánchez Cotán (Spanish Golden Age), © Antonio Diaz

Green Apple, © Alex Koloskov

Forgotten, © Peter Zentjens

Dust, © Vladimir Shipulin

SL29, © Denis Voskresensky

Maple Leaf, © Dana Prost

Babybreath, © Viaina

© B Rasulev


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