Canon 5D Mark III: what the pros think

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    Canon 5D Mark III: what the pros think of the new Canon DSLR

    One could argue that the Canon 5D Mark III is one of the most highly anticipated cameras of all time. For years, camera rumour sites have bleated on about what they think the camera will have… and now we finally know.

    Below, we spoke to four professional Canon photographers about what they like (or dislike) about the Canon 5D Mark III. Adam Duckworth, James Cheadle, Patrick Sowels and Jeff Morgan – Canon pros across a range of genres – all gave us their first impressions.

    We also spoke to Pete Travers, editor our sister title, the Canon magazine PhotoPlus, about his own thoughts about the new Canon DSLR.


    Canon 5D Mark III: what the pros think of the new Canon DSLR

    First up, Adam Duckworth:

    “The first thing that caught my attention about the Canon 5D Mark III is that it has an improved AF, a faster frame rate, better weatherproofing and can shoot video at 60fps, as well as two card slots. That’s all I need to know right there, so count me in!

    “These additions make the 5D Mark III a far more useful camera for shooting sport and action, and fast video too. That’s before the claimed improvement at low-light performance.

    “And the improved ergonomics like the Canon 7D that I often use for action stuff. The EOS 5D Mark III’s quiet shooting mode will be nice, too. As will being able to use the stock of LPE6 batteries I already have.

    “While many people are saying the Canon 5D Mark III is evolution, not revolution, I disagree. It’s a whole new, better camera – judging by the spec sheet. If the image quality and dynamic range are improved from the Canon 5D Mark II as promised, it’ll be a real winner.”

    Adam Duckworth
    Professional motorsports photographer
    Canon Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon 7D

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