Sony to focus on DSLTs, full-frame camera

Sony to concentrate on developing translucent mirror cameras

Sony to concentrate on developing translucent mirror cameras

Sony will eschew traditional DSLRs and concentrate on developing its DSLT cameras, the company has revealed.

Speaking to our sister website TechRadar, Paul Genge from Sony UK said, “We have no SLRs in our line-up today, and our intention is to develop the SLT technology and make that a real stand-out in the market.”

He also reiterated that Sony’s president made a statement during the IFA consumer electronics show that the company is going to be looking at full frame as the next introduction for for its SLT line of cameras.

From the outside, Sony DSLTs look almost indistinguishable from their DSLR counterparts. However, inside Sony DSLT cameras is the company’s Translucent Mirror Technology that allows around 70% of the light entering the lens to pass directly through it and onto the imaging sensor, while a smaller amount is reflected up to the camera’s phase detection autofocus sensor.

This means that in practice, the time taken to record a shot is reduced, as well as allowing for full-time phase detection AF.

At the moment, Sony’s current SLT line-up includes the Sony Alpha a77 and Sony Alpha a65, which were introduced last year.

Currently, Sony only manufactures APS-C size DSLT cameras, so the confirmation that the next full-frame camera from the company will be fixed mirror is exciting. The last full frame DSLR from Sony, the Alpha 900, was introduced in 2008.


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