iPad 2: do photographers really need the new Apple tablet?

iPad 2 photography

iPad 2 photography

UPDATE: OK, so now we know the new iPad offers some pretty nice features for photographers, namely its new 5-megapixel camera and Retina display. But the question remains… with the iPad 2 likely now to drop in price, is this now-outdated Apple tablet an affordable tool to enhance your photography? Below we give you our reasons why it is.


With the iPad HD (formerly known as iPad 3, iPad 2S and prior to that as Prince) said to be announced today, soon we will hopefully know the answer to many of the burning questions surrounding Apple’s latest tablet. Will it have an SD card slot? Retina display? A better camera?

Surely it must! But while the rest of the world gets caught up in the hype of Apple’s latest tablet, we thought we’d step back and take a look at the very-soon-to-be-outdated iPad 2 and examine whether this second-generation Apple tablet is a serious tool for photographers

After all, the iPad 2 price is likely to drop in your local shops in the coming months. Can the iPad 2 satisfy your needs as a photographer? Here are 10 reasons why we think it can.

10 ways the iPad 2 can enhance your photography

1. With its 9.7in LED-backlit display, the iPad 2 offers a classy way of showing off your photography portfolio. The 4:3 aspect ratio should appeal to photographers, and the iPad 2 allows you to scroll through images at full screen or in stacks of thumbnails.

2. The touch feature of the iPad 2 makes it simple to flick through your photos. If you’ve just taken 50 images of the same landscape at a range of different exposures and camera angles, the iPad 2 iOS makes it very simple to sort the good from the bad.

3. If you’ve bought a new DSLR or compact camera in the past year, it undoubtedly boasts some level of HD video capture. The rear iPad 2 camera can record 720p HD video at up to 30 frames per second with audio, giving you this extra element of functionality.

4. The iPad makes sharing images even easier, from its obvious ability to upload your photos directly to Flickr or other photo-sharing websites. Or if you’re a traditionalist, use Apple’s AirPrint software to print your photos wirelessly.

5. For just a few pounds there are a raft of iPad apps for photographers available at the App Store. You can get a range of creative filters, editing programmes and picture frames.

6. The iPad 2 has a couple of really useful built-in apps for photographers. The Photos app allows you to create advanced slide shows backed by music, while the Photo Booth app uses the front camera to take self-portraits and apply creative effects.

7. Are you a wedding photographer The iPad could be the most important piece of all your wedding photography equipment. Take a group shot, pass it around. People will love it. And if they don’t, then you know to take the shot again!

8. With the heaviest model weighing just 613g, or 1.35 pounds, the iPad 2 is considerably lighter than your laptop. What’s more, it’s likely quicker to start up and shut down when on the move. The iPad 2 also boasts around 10 hours of battery time.

9. Using Apple’s AirPlay application, you can stream your photos wirelessly from your iPad 2 onto your HDTV via Apple TV. Or use video mirroring (for which you’ll need the separate Digital AV Adapter) to turn your whole TV screen into your iPad 2.

10. Finally, if you’re out in the field and stuck for how to take a shot, with an iPad in your bag you can log on to Digital Camera World wherever you are and find the answer in our photography tutorials or photography tips section!