Lytro: photographers will soon shoot Matrix-style videos

    | News | 05/03/2012 07:00am

    Lytro photographers soon to shoot Matrix-style videos?

    Makers of the Lytro camera claim that soon Lytro photographers will be able to shoot slow-motion, wraparound video such as those seen in the Matrix movies.

    The Lytro camera, which takes pictures in which photographers can change the point of focus after the fact, was announced late last year. The Lytro light field camera achieves this effect by capturing the entire light field within a scene, which includes the direction of individual rays as well as the colour and intensity of light.

    In an interview with Mashable, the company’s vice president of marketing, Kira Wampler, says that soon Lytro photographers will be able to upgrade their equipment to shoot slow-motion videos like those seen in the Matrix movies when Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, bends backward to dodge bullets.

    By using more than one camera, possibly linked via wireless, Lytro photographers could recreate those effects on their own, Wampler says in the interview. “It’s not that far away,” she adds. “If you had a camera over here and a camera over there — that know each other — then you can do bullet time.”

    Wampler also claims that Lytro photographers will soon be able to create 3D effects in which users will be able to click and drag the photo to change the angle of the 3D perspective.

    Other plans include adding editing features to its desktop software so Lytro photographers can touch up exposure or crop photos. Pro-level features are also in the works, like being able to focus at a point in space even if there’s no object there in the photo.

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