Flickr gets a facelift

Flickr to get a revamp

Flickr to get a revamp

Image via BetaBeat

Photo-sharing giant Flickr will be brought up-to-date with an image-centric makeover, starting at the end of the month.

The current haphazard, text-heavy design will be replaced by bigger images and a cleaner, justified arrangement that has been likened to Pinterest.

The changes will begin on February 28th with a revamped photo page and app-like upload screen.

Flickr product boss Markus Spiering, who is heading up the new design, revealed that major changes will continue in waves throughout 2012. Spiering has also spoken about greater integration of Flickr with other Yahoo! products, following its much-debated takeover in 2005.

Renewed interest in the site comes amidst rising popularity of rival sites such as Instagram and 500px.