25 great examples of serene seascapes

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    As the sea is always changing, the same spot can offer many photo opportunities, all with different outcomes. If you’re looking for tips on how to take fantastic seascape and coastal photographs, we’ve got the tips you need. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to shoot a seascape, here are 25 great examples.

    Coastal Landscape, by Yuri Prokopenko

    Seascape XIV, by Peter Henry

    Night Seascape, by Yuri Prokopenko

    Seascape Long Exposure, by Darren Shilson

    White Park Calm, by Gary McParland

    Seascape, by Gary McParland

    Multicolour Seascape, by George Margelis

    Morning, East Malaysia, by Lee Seesy

    Bloody Mary, by Steve Clasper

    Green Tree, by Ram Rugas

    Kelanang. Selangor, Malaysia, by Lee Seesy

    Iceland Coast, Paul Souders

    Sunset at Dunstanburgh, by ‘BHOGA’

    Storm at Sea, by Igor Goncharenko

    Marshall Beach and Golden Gate Bridge, by Shaun Ramsey

    Sandbanks Groyne, by Scott Mabey

    Golden Door, Big Sur Coast, by Stuart Gordon

    Beachy Head, by Peter_T

    Waiting, by Mark Dunham

    Double Vision, by Christian Lim

    Seaweed, by Igor Goncharenko

    Rocky Coast, by Darren Harmon

    Sky on Fire, by Igor Goncharenko

    Seascape, by Tommy Eliassen

    Beautiful seascape, by Ignor Goncharenko
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