Get to know your camera

Get to know your camera

Get to know your camera

This guide is written for anyone who wants to get more from their camera, be it an SLR, compact system camera or bridge camera. It works as a complete beginners’ guide, but is also a handy refresher course for people who’ve had their camera for a while.

I remember how intimidated I was by my first ‘proper’ camera, and how much I could have benefitted from a jargon-free guide like this. In the articles below, you’ll learn all about your key camera controls – what they are, and more importantly, how to use them to get great shots. Read on to discover how to control exposure for perfectly balanced shots, adjust aperture and shutter speed, use flash, and much more. We also explain how to choose and use a lens, and how to get more from your photo-editing software and printer. Enjoy this unique beginners’ guide, and please do share any shots it’s inspired you to take!

Part 1: Set up your camera

Part 2: Explore your SLR

Part 3: Get better exposures

Part 4: Understanding aperture

Part 5: Shutter speed explained

Part 6: Perfect your exposures

Part 7: Focus modes explained

Part 8: Choosing a lens

Part 9: Flash modes explained

Part 10: Image editing, printing & storing

Part 11: Essential accessories

Part 12: Looking after cameras