Digital Camera competition: Your Mission 99 winners

See the best entries in Digital Camera magazine’s monthly photo competition, Your Mission. The theme for issue 99? ‘Green’.

Each issue, Digital Camera magazine sets a photography challenge in its ‘Your Mission’ section. The monthly challenges are diverse – from straight portraits and landscapes through to more interpretive themes, such as ‘water of life’ and ‘feeling blue’. The best image submitted each issue wins a prize and gets printed in the magazine. Here you’ll find that prize-winning photo, plus a collection of the best images submitted for issue 99’s theme, the colour green…

You came up with a wide range of interpretations of the ‘Green’ theme – from rock stars bathed in light (as in David Hartley’s shortlisted image above) to vibrant close-ups, and even the aurora borealis. The winning, well-considered image below caught the team’s eye though. Congratulations, Jim!

Winner – Jim W Gillies

2nd Place

– Nick Kemp

3rd Place

– Joseph Lambert

Shortlisted – Aids Tecson

Shortlisted – Barb Kellogg



Shortlisted – Clint Singh

Shortlisted – Danny Gentry

Shortlisted – Danny Gentry

Shortlisted – David Hartley

Shortlisted – Emma Goulder

Shortlisted – Emma Goulder

Shortlisted – Gareth Leer

Shortlisted – Johannes Frank

Shortlisted – Mirjam Letsch

Shortlisted – Nataniel Gonzales

Shortlisted – Paul Baggaley

Shortlisted – Paul Gillings

Shortlisted – Steve Curtis

Shortlisted – Tracey Robinson

Shortlisted – Trevor Ashford

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