25 free triptych photo frames for Photoshop

Free triptych photo frames

Free triptych photo frames

Photoshop Tutorial: how to use your free triptych photo frames

Similar to adding a photo frame to a picture in Photoshop, the process of fitting your shots in a triptych is a breeze. First, open up one of the templates in Photoshop or Elements, along with your three selected photos.

Step 1: import and resize an image

With the Move tool selected, click on one of the photos, then drag it onto the template. It will appear on top of it. With the photo selected, choose Edit > Free Transform. Resize your image to fit the black picture area by dragging the corners. Hold down Shift as you move the corner points to maintain the proportions.



Step 2: change the blend mode

Drag the other two shots onto the template, resizing as appropriate. In the Layers palette, duplicate the triptych background layer and drag this to to the top of the Layers palette. With this layer selected, change the blending mode in the drop-down box at the top to ‘Screen’, to reveal the images.

Tips and suggestions

• If you find the edges of your pictures are overlapping, crop the shots first before dragging them into the frame.
• If you’d rather that the frame fitted your pictures, select the template in the layers palette and use Edit > Free Transform command to resize it. We’ve also supplied five templates that conform to a more traditional aspect ratio (templates 21-25).
• You don’t have to use three separate shots – one shot can be used across a split frame. You can approach it two ways: follow the process above, but just use a single shot running behind the frame. Alternatively, crop three sections out of the original and arrange these in a creative way, zooming in on some elements or placing them at different levels (as we’ve done at the top of this page).
• Rotate the border and try Inverting it (Image > Adjustments > Invert) for a different effect.


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