Take better photographs of children

Take energetic and action-packed pictures of your kids easily with this advice

Getting great pictures of children is more about interaction and psychology than technical skill. They need to be relaxed, engaged and involved to get the best possible poses and candids. Show them your camera and play games with them, but the best time to get the shots will be towards the end of the shoot, when they become calmer and more thoughtful.

The best time for candids and portraits is towards the end of the shoot, as the children’s mood becomes calmer and more thoughtful.

Theyll be so used to you rushing around them with a camera in your hands that youll be able to shoot from very close range on wide-angle lenses without them noticing.

Dont treat it like a formal portrait sitting and usher them into unnatural poses or even try too hard to get them looking towards camera. Let them do their own thing and carry on shooting.

Encourage them to relax and play with toys or explore the area – youll be able to sneak loads of eye-to-eye portraits when they momentarily look your way.

Ten top tips

– Take the time to chat and play before the start of the shoot.

– To get them posing, play it like a game of ‘Simon Says.

– Keep chatting or communicating as you would with adults.

– Follow them with the camera and be ready to shoot at all times.

– Always focus on the eyes before recomposing to take the shot.

– Show them the images on your LCD to involve and encourage them.

– If tears and tantrums happen take a break and don’t get frustrated.

– Be patient. Dont force smiles if they wont come naturally.

– Ask if they can see their own reflection in the lens. It will get them staring into the camera.

– Be happy and have plenty of fun!

They say the eyes are a window to the soul, so try getting them to look down the lens for closer and more emotional contact.