Position your hide properly

5 simple steps to a perfectly positioned hide

It’s often the case that the common sense approach can solve most of your problems, but sometimes it falls prey to overthinking. If you’ve got yourself a hide, then this simple set of steps will have you well prepared for getting great nature shots.

1. Shut up, keep still

Prevent your subject from seeing and hearing you. Keep the noise and movement from you and your SLR to a minimum.

2. Stay out of the sun

Make sure the suns behind or to the side of you as shooting directly into the sun can result in underexposed images.

3. Leave it a while

Position your hide a few days before you intend to use it as this will enable wildlife time to become accustomed to its presence.

4. Blend your barrel

Try to disguise your lens barrel with some camouflage netting and vegetation to make it less obtrusive.

5. Keep your distance

A 300mm lens is probably the minimum focal length for wildlife photography in order to achieve good-sized images.